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tis the season for spectacle, par excellence!

"The spectacle obliterates the boundaries between self and world by
crushing the self besieged by the presence-absence of the world and it
obliterates the boundaries between true and false by driving all lived
truth below the real presence of fraud ensured by the organization of
appearance. One who passively accepts his alien daily fate is thus pushed
toward a madness that reacts in an illusory way to this fate by resorting
to magical techniques. The acceptance and consumption of commodities are
at the heart of this pseudo-response to a communication without response.
The need to imitate which is felt by the consumer is precisely the
infantile need conditioned by all the aspects of his fundamental
dispossession. In the terms applied by Gabel to a completely different
pathological level, "the abnormal need for representation here compensates
for a tortuous feeling of being on the margin of existence."

-Guy Debord
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